Would you like to brighten up your bowling alley or leisure centre? We design and install bespoke LED screens to replace masking units.

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les écrans d'animations pour les pistes de bowling

A bespoke digital display system for your venue

Our digital display systems adapt to any infrastructure. We design your bespoke LED screens, in non-standard formats, based on the space available in your venue.

Our team takes various technical parameters specific to your venue into account, in order to ensure optimal design and installation of your screens. In this way, we offer you a unique digital solution that meets your needs, in terms of entertainment, visibility and performance.

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Brighten up your centre with LED screens

Create a unique atmosphere

Our bespoke LED screens replace the masking units located at the end of bowling lanes. They are managed by a high-performance broadcasting software, and broadcast dynamic animations of your choosing. Ready-to-use and personalised options are available.

You can create a unique atmosphere in your leisure centre, and adapt the animations depending on the occasion, the event or even the desired ambience.

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Explore new business opportunities

LED screens allow you to broadcast ads to promote other services, your special offers or the services of your business partners. You can choose the ads you display based on your target market.

Your screens are placed at the back of the venue, above the bowling lanes, and offer optimal visibility. This allows you to earn additional revenue.

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Our design and installation service for LED screens

Our technical team designs and installs screens in your venue quickly, without disrupting your business and your customers. Discover the various steps in our installation service.

les ouvriers en pleine installation des écrans d'animations

Designing your bespoke LED screen

After analysing your needs, we design your bespoke LED screen. We adapt the format and the pitch.


Taking the structure apart

We take the existing masking units apart. These are located at the end of the bowling lanes.

les ouvriers qui installent les écrans pour diffuser les animations

Installing the screen

We assemble the new structure. We install the bespoke screen and connect it.


Installing the software

We prepare the computer and the broadcasting software. We configure the entire system.

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les pistes de bowling avec une animations sur le thème des vagues

Starting up the system

Once everything is set up, we turn on your new screen. You can enjoy a digital display system that will be up and running immediately.

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The benefits of our installation service


Adapting our screens

We can adapt our systems to any infrastructure, whether it is old or new. We design bespoke screens based on the layout of your venue, the space available and the various technical parameters. Each screen is designed to fit perfectly into your space.


Personalised advice

Our team offers personalised advice before, during and after the installation of your screens. We study your needs and offer suitable display options that optimise the visual impact and efficiency of your LED screens. In this way, we help you to get the most out of your installation.


Quick execution

We design and install your LED screens quickly. We guarantee quick implementation. We ensure that every step is carried out on time, from the first contact to system start-up.


Minimal impact on your business

We strive to minimise the impact of our installation service on your leisure centre and your customers. To this end, we identify the best time to set up your display system together. As a result, our team of technicians is able to install your LED screens without disrupting your business and your patrons.

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