Bespoke digital display systems for your leisure centre or bowling alley

Bowling Media brightens up your leisure centre or bowling alley with a tailor-made digital display system, which is managed via a high-performance content distribution software program.

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Let’s explore new opportunities together

Bowling Media has been helping people to expand the boundaries of entertainment and explore new business opportunities since 2018. Together, we will create new opportunities to optimise your leisure centre, and make bowling more fun and profitable.

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Our services for your leisure centre or bowling alley

We offer a complete integrated service for your leisure centre or bowling alley, from designing bespoke LED screens to creating custom visuals.

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Installation of bespoke LED screens

We design and install bespoke LED screens in non-standard formats for leisure centres and bowling alleys. These digital display systems replace the masking units located at the end of bowling lanes, and can be integrated seamlessly into your infrastructure.

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Broadcasting software

Our software helps you manage the broadcasting of your visuals on LED screens. You choose in real time the different content you want to broadcast (animations, TV channels, ads, etc.), and the screens on which you want to display it.

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Animations catalogue

We create and provide original content, which can be found in our animations catalogue. Order your animations from our online platform. We fit your choices to the size of your screens, and customise them at your request.

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What are the benefits of our digital display systems?


Our modern LED screens replace your traditional masking units and make your leisure centre more visually appealing, thanks to unique and dynamic visuals.


Our digital display systems offer a great deal of flexibility. Our bespoke LED screens adapt to any infrastructure, and allow you to broadcast the content of your choosing.


Our visuals can be customised. We adapt the animations in our catalogue based on your wants and needs, in order to create a bespoke atmosphere for your centre.

Business opportunities

Encourage additional sales, and earn additional income, by broadcasting ads for your services and those of your business partners.

Our achievements

These bowling alleys and leisure centres around the world have put their faith in us. We have boosted their business with our bespoke LED screens.

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