Our broadcasting software for bowling alleys and leisure centres is a system for managing and disseminating visual content on your LED screens.

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diffusion d'animation personnalisée sur la piste de bowling
installation d'animation personnalisée sur les pistes de bowling
La diffusion d'une émission sur les écrans des pistes de bowling
Les écrans qui sont sur les pistes de bowling

Broadcast content on your LED screens

The management and broadcasting system allows you to disseminate content of any kind on your LED screens, taking into account your specific needs.

Our broadcasting software provides a wide range of backgrounds and animations for you to choose from. You get a certain number of animations for free, depending on your contract. Additional packages can be purchased in the client space, so you can enjoy additional content.  

The software also allows you to add different graphics or text to the backgrounds and animations yourself, depending on what you need: personalised messages, birthday messages, lane numbers, logos, etc.

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Our broadcasting software offers you the chance to broadcast multiple external sources at the same time via your LED screens. Customers can watch a sports event live (a football match, etc.), or listen to music, for example.

You can also display ads on your LED screens with our broadcasting software. For example, these ads may promote other services offered by your leisure centre, promotions and special offers, events or even services and products offered by other business partners.

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Centralised management for broadcasting on LED screens

We supply a computer and the software. With this installation, you will be able to manage Bowling Media screens in your centre independently. You can display the content you want, in the location of your choosing, with just a few clicks. This solution offers endless possibilities to explore in terms of broadcasting and combining animations on your LED screens.

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Broadcasting content simultaneously

You can broadcast the same content on each LED screen at the same time, or individual content across the entire LED display system. This option allows you to create a consistent atmosphere throughout your leisure centre, in particular during special events or themed parties.

Broadcasting different content

You can also broadcast different visuals on each lane. This feature is ideal for customising the experience for your players with a bespoke display tailored to the target audience.

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Our software training

Once the LED screens and broadcasting software have been installed, we offer full training for members of staff who want to learn about the system. We perform a real-time demonstration of how the software works and its various features.

This short training session (around two hours) will allow you to use the software independently. We remain available to answer your questions after the training.

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Formation pour gérer le logiciel

The benefits of our software for your leisure centre


Create a unique experience

Personalise the atmosphere in your leisure centre by broadcasting the animations and multimedia content of your choosing on LED screens. In this way, you can foster a fun and immersive environment, and offer customers a unique, bespoke experience.


Create new business opportunities

Broadcast ads and promote your own services and products on your LED screens. This targeted display encourages cross-selling and creates new business opportunities for your company.


Attract and retain customers

Differentiate yourself from the competition with our software, and make your leisure centre or bowling alley more appealing to customers. By offering patrons a unique and bespoke visual experience, you can improve customer satisfaction and keep them coming back for more.

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