In addition to the animations in your contract, we have an online catalogue with hundreds of animations that have been created exclusively for the digital display system in your leisure centre. You can choose the animations you want to broadcast on your LED screens in just a few clicks.

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Order bespoke animations from our catalogue

Our online platform allows you to order the animations you want to broadcast on the digital display system from our catalogue directly. Simply choose the animation you like from the catalogue and order it.

We adjust the size of each visual to fit your LED screens, so that the content aligns perfectly with your infrastructure. Once your order is ready, you can download the animations and broadcast them.

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A wide range of animations for your leisure centre

Our catalogue includes very different animations, such as videos, stationary visuals, backgrounds and even filters. You can choose the content that best fits the atmosphere you want to create in your leisure centre or bowling alley, based on what you need in that moment.

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Customise animations to your liking

Would you like to customise an animation from our catalogue? No problem! You can add a message, a logo or even an image of your choice to our visuals.

Choose the animation you want to customise from our catalogue. We will adapt it for your leisure centre.

Order your bespoke animation

Would you like to broadcast a unique visual for a corporate event, a sports tournament, a private event, a birthday or even to promote your services? Send us a request. We will send you a personalised quote and create your bespoke animation based on your wants and needs.

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A regularly updated animations catalogue

Our team works tirelessly to create new animations for you. We update our catalogue with exclusive content regularly, based on scheduled events and current visual trends.

Thanks to these updates, you can offer customers a new entertainment experience every time they visit.

Manage the display of your animations with your broadcasting software

Our software is directly connected to your LED screens, and allows you to manage the broadcast of content and animations. You can control all of your digital LED screens from a single computer. You can display different content on the screen of your choosing, whenever you like, using the software, and quickly change what animations you are broadcasting.

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The benefits of our animations catalogue

A wide variety of content

With hundreds of animations available, and a regularly updated catalogue, you can enjoy a wide range of customisable content that satisfies any tastes and creates a unique atmosphere in your centre.


Our animations offer a more attractive visual experience than traditional masking units. They modernise and energise your leisure centre or bowling alley.


We adapt our animations to the size of your LED screens, in order to ensure optimal rendering and that our content integrates seamlessly into your infrastructure.

Easy to use

The online ordering platform is intuitive and easy to use. You can choose and order animations from the catalogue easily. Our software facilitates broadcasting of your visuals.

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Would you like to make your leisure centre or bowling alley more attractive with bespoke LED screens?

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