Let’s look at one of our achievements in the United States. At the end of 2022, our team travelled to Modesto, California to tackle a new challenge! McHenry Bowl boasts 52 bowling lanes and is the largest bowling alley that our experts have worked on since Bowling Media was founded. It is now home to the largest LED screen for bowling in the world.

The request

The owners of McHenry Bowl called on our services to replace the masking units for their 52 bowling lanes with a giant, bespoke LED screen.

Our goal was to brighten up their bowling alley with our digital display system, and to offer their customers a brand-new entertainment experience.

The challenge

Our team had to adapt and find bespoke solutions to equip this bowling alley with our digital display system.

The challenge in figures

bowling lanes
screen across two rows

Organising the installation

The first challenge was to get organised and minimise the impact of our work on the bowling alley’s business. To this end, we researched solutions to optimise the installation of 90 metre screens, and reduce the duration of our work as much as possible. To this end, we organised tools and hardware in advance in order to reduce the number of return trips.

Installing the screens

At its core, screen installation is a particularly physical job. In this case, our technicians made extra efforts to mount no fewer than 186 cabinets across a width of 90 metres and two rows high.

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Installation de l'animation personnalisée


Given the length of the screen installed, the wiring work was much more intensive than it would be with a traditional display system.


We developed an additional element in our programme, which enables the software to manage this extraordinarily large screen as a single block. This development has created a more fluid and seamless display experience for the customers at the bowling alley. It also opens up new opportunities for our current and future clients.

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Le montage de l'animation personnalisée au McHenry Bowl en Californie

Designing animations

We offer our clients bespoke animations that adapt to the size of their LED screens. However, in this case, the size of the screen and the animation exceeded the standard size accepted by the publishing software. We had to combine two software programs and their compositions to create a video that perfectly fit the size of the screen installed.

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The result

Our team passed this challenge with flying colours! We not only exceeded ourselves, but we also fitted McHenry Bowl with the largest LED screen for bowling in the world.

Thanks to this new digital display system, staff members from McHenry Bowl can offer their customers a unique entertainment atmosphere.

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